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Our History

Epiphany’s story began almost 25 years ago when the founders began working together and formed strong professional and personal ties.

SRI International

SRI International Logo Epiphany’s founders, Monique Anderson, Peter Davis, and Roger Halualani, first worked together at SRI International. Peter Davis was the head of the Health Industries Practice (HIP) as part of the Consumer and Health Industry Center (CHIC). He hired Roger and it was the first and last time Roger was both HIP and CHIC at work. Later the health group was merged into the Specialty Chemicals Group and Monique joined the health consulting team. During their tenure at SRI, the founders were among the core team responsible for designing, developing, and completing the largest cancer multiclient of its time: C-3: International Opportunities in Cancer Management. C-3 was completed and published in 1994.

DaVinci Healthcare Partners

DaVinci Partners Logo In 1998, several of the SRI team members came together to found DaVinci Healthcare Partners, a leading cancer consultancy. DaVinci was founded by Epiphany’s founders Peter Davis and Roger Halualani, and Monique Anderson was DaVinci’s first employee. DaVinci designed, developed, and completed a series of market-leading cancer reports known as Cancer Perspectives and Oncology Marketing Strategies.

In 2005, DaVinci was acquired by one of its competitors with the concept of merging all of the cancer assets to build a leading product offering. Upon acquisition, Peter Davis retired to the frozen tundra of northern Minnesota. After two years, senior management decided against a fully integrated offering and, instead, continued to use the acquiring company’s legacy model. This action precipitated the ultimate departure of both Roger Halualani and Monique Anderson.

Epiphany Partners Inc.

Epiphany Partners Logo In 2008, Epiphany’s founders reconnected as speakers at an industry meeting and started discussions for a new firm. After interacting with former clients and industry leaders, Epiphany was founded in 2009. Taking two years, Epiphany built its preeminent cancer epidemiology model incorporating advanced approaches and developing, testing, and implementing a significant number of novel methodologies.

Today, Epiphany provides unparalleled cancer epidemiology with unmatched cancer and country coverage. Our 2015 data set includes 38 cancers with 90 subsets in 21 countries.
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