Epiphany's Approach

Cancer Epidemiology Based on Trusted Data Sources, Transparency, Service and Support

It all comes back to trust.

Trust in EpicOncology™.  Trust in our data sourcing and models. Trust in our service and our insights.

We provide an exceptionally powerful, fully transparent cancer data platform. Global companies have used it to predict the future of cancer, and to innovate their treatment procedures in response.

Without trust, all the cancer data in the world is ineffective. It’s our responsibility to earn your trust with every query run.

This is our approach to earning your trust.

Our Approach to Patient Flow Modeling

EpicOncology‘s epidemiology model tracks patients from diagnosis to death, through at least six (6) full courses of treatment. While complex, the model is still clear and concise, and allows for different dynamics across different cancer types.

Instead of a traditional epidemiology model, Epic uses a comprehensive, integrated model that allows for the forecasting of incidence rates by gender and age group, potential shifts in staging and time-to-event variables, and detailed patient flow mathematics. Critical details and projections, already built-in.

For a visual representation of Epic‘s actual epidemiology model, have a look at this Patient Flow Diagram.

Cancer Patient Flow Modeling

Our Approach to Data Sources

Having an ideal model isn’t useful if it doesn’t work with the best possible data! Which is why Epiphany constantly reviews and assesses cancer registries, survival publications, treatment reports, and the peer-reviewed epidemiology literature for its cancer epidemiology sources.

We prefer to use country-specific data. Only if such data isn’t available/is very limited will we generate surrogates and use aggregated datasets.

Following is a list of some of the most common epidemiology source links. EpicOncology™ contains more sets than these, and we’re happy to share relevant source links with clients. This should demonstrate our commitment to full disclosure on our data sourcing.

Our Approach to Data Transparency

Transparency means more than just listing your sources. To validate your trust, you should have the ability to review all of EPIC’s assumptions and cancer definitions. Every part of the chain that leads to cancer insight.

As such, we included this data in the EpicOncology™ interface. Please see the Using the Epic Interface page for details. We also validate our data regularly against these external sources, such as GLOBOCAN.

When you collaborate with Epiphany, you’re also able to review our models, discuss our methodologies one-on-one with our experts, and share in our thought processes.

Complete transparency. When you know all of our model mechanics, you can feel confident in every data result.

Our Approach to Service & Support

How many data providers give their clients a Discussion Forum and consulting help? Not many. We at Epiphany chose to differentiate ourselves not just on data quality, but also on customer service.


Epiphany will always respond quickly to support your success. Our promise is to provide you, our clients, with a response to/acknowledgement of your questions within 24 hours.

Learn about the Enhanced Support you’ll receive as an EpicOncology™ customer on our Service & Support page.

Our Approach to You, Our Customer

Our clients are Epiphany “Partners.” It’s our mission to provide each Partner with answers to their questions, solutions to their issues, and interpretation of available clinical and epidemiology data.

Most of the improvements made to the EpicOncology model, data, and interface have come from client input.

In order for us to act as your trusted partner, we make the following integral parts in every Partner relationship:

  • Stay in close contact with our clients in order to be responsive to needs
  • Focus on the long-term relationship over simple short-term gains
  • Continuously develop our expertise in cancer epidemiology by being passionate and constantly striving to be the best
  • Understand the client’s needs and not just their stated wants or questions
  • Always be credible and recognize that we may not always be able to address client needs

Let's Change How the World Sees Cancer. Together.

Epiphany’s much more than a data provider. Our data, coupled with analysis and actionable intelligence, helps you generate insight. The ‘Epiphany’ that unlocks incredible new cancer treatments.

We hope demonstrating our approach here helps to earn your trust. As a final note, here are two examples of our analysis and training materials. Each Epiphany Partner receives their own versions of these reports…to validate your trust in us.

Cancer Epidemiology Primer (Winter 2018)

Understanding Cancer Registry-Based Treatment Data (Winter 2017)

Join Us as a Trusted Partner

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