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Even EpicOncology™, with its vast stores of epidemiology data, cannot address all of a client’s questions or issues. Your product development cycles are unique to you.

That’s why Epiphany extended its mission beyond the EpicOncology™ platform. We provide Collaborative Service for our clients, offering customized insights with all of the cancer data available.

Assistance Understanding Available Data and Sources

We don’t just provide you with cancer data. We also help you understand it. Help you integrate it into your research programs. Help you on the road to making a difference.

Use our experience to move beyond the data. We’ve worked with advanced methodologies, real-world applications, HEOR (Health Economics and Outcomes Research), and even policy teams (orphan drugs, access issues). Collaborate with us on your next big breakthrough.

Customized Epidemiology

When determining appropriately eligible patients for new product development, existing epidemiology data doesn’t always fit. Especially in a rare cancer or unusual client circumstance.

To bridge the gap, the Epiphany team develops a customized epidemiology. This may include expanding our existing dataset, incorporating new cancers, providing additional countries of interest, or building in client-specific assumptions.

You already benefit from customized epidemiology projects. We’ve incorporated some of our past projects (with client permission) into the EpicOncology™ platform.

Specialized Modeling

What if you want to determine how the cancer treatment market evolves? Can you even do this accurately?

Yes, you can . . . if you use a specialized model. More than just epidemiology, a specialized model can show you a glimpse of the future. Will a change in treatment rates improve survival in Europe? Will a new technology emerge in 3 years?

Working with Epiphany, we can build a specialized model according to your research & goals.

Client Testimonials

  • Thank you very much for the detailed explanation and notes below. These are some really useful insights. As always, we appreciate your help and quick response.

    Engagement Manager, Consulting Firm
  • This report is awesome. All the information that I need is compiled very nicely in one place. Excellent.

    Associate Director, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company 
  • Terrific, this is my favorite call of the day.

    Associate Director, Global Forecasting, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company 

Custom Training for the Future of Cancer

While Epiphany provides online and WebEx training for all users, sometimes you need something more specialized. For those clients, Epiphany prepares custom training materials and presentations to help prepare your team for upcoming changes in the global cancer landscape.

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