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from epiphany's epidemiology experts

EpicOncology™ Service and Support Options

The better you know a tool, the more you can do with it. We believe the same is true for EpicOncology™…which is why we include enhanced support in every subscription.

Let our team help you make the best of your data sets. Our Customer Service + Your Goals + EpicOncology™ Data = A long-term, exceptional change in how the world treats cancer.

As an EpicOncology™ client, you can expect the following service and support:

  • Inquiries: Questions about your data set? Special data request? Need input on epidemiology trends, model assumptions, data sources, methodologies, treatment data, or biomarkers? Send in an inquiry and our team will help. We provide every client with a response to, or acknowledgement of, their inquiry within 24 hours.
  • Training: On-site and web conference sessions for user training. We run training sessions to guide new users, introduce system updates & new features, announce new Epic data sets, etc. You can even schedule recurring workshop “refreshers” as you need them.
  • Routine Teleconferences: Monthly calls with your team to discuss data and system updates, any training needs, usage statistics, and ideas for improved service.
  • Communication: Proactive notifications of data and system updates via email, online pop-up alerts and links to details. On-site/online meetings to review changes. If a new feature can help improve your research, we’ll set up a call to discuss how to incorporate it.

Client Support Testimonials

  • I am glad to know that you put this much effort into customer service.

    Director Market Research, top 10 Pharmaceutical Company
  • Thank you very much for the detailed explanation and notes. These are some really useful insights. As always, we appreciate your help and quick response.

    Engagement Manager, Consulting Firm
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional support you have been providing, especially over the last few weeks. In addition to all of the high quality work I have been seeing from Epiphany, Ryan has been letting me know about the great conversations he has been having with you to ensure we are using the right data for our projects.

    Director, Global Forecasting, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company
  • Thanks a lot for your excellent insights and training today. It was good to see the vast data and potential of EpicOncology™.

    Director, Global Marketing, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company
  • You’re a lifesaver because without your help we wouldn’t have been able to send anything thoughtful. These look really, really good – especially since you were working under such tight timelines. Your help was instrumental in completing the request from the Brand Team.

    Associate Director, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company
  • This is excellent, exactly what I need! I showed it to a few Team Members, and they were blown away. I see now what a tremendous amount of work you put into this as well – so thank you so, so much.

    Oncology Lead, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Extended Support Available Through Custom Consulting

If you need to incorporate data for a cancer type or country not included in EpicOncology™, we may need to customize your data set. Visit our Custom Consulting page for details.