The Cancer Data Platform for Seeing the Future

EpicOncology™ changes how you see cancer.

The EpicOncology™ online data platform provides you with unparalleled cancer epidemiology data sets. Using Epic, you can examine cancer data from 42 countries. Leverage Epiphany’s patient flow models. Forecast trends. Incorporate global data in your own projects. Model the impact of completely new cancer treatments.

EpicOncology™ gives you unmatched cancer coverage. More than 55 cancer sites with 110+ subtypes/biomarkers…over 95% of the cancer incidence worldwide (as of early 2020).

All within an easy-to-use interface that gives you full transparency, Save and Download data options, and a discussion board for collaboration with your Epic Team. It’s our core product…and your way to see the future of cancer.

The Epic Modules


Cancer Epidemiology Data
Detailed cancer epidemiology data tables from 25 countries. Filter the data any way you like—by stage, subtype, gender and age group. Use the data to change how you see cancer.

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Patient Flow Diagrams
Gain more insight into the Epic cancer data's relationships and interactions. Our diagrams depict visually how we construct each model, for consistency & depth. These flow diagrams help you chart your cancer data's progress and patterns over time.
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Survey Data & Insights
Our own primary market research for all of the study cancers. Treatment options, results, cancer types—all included. We even provide doctoral survey statistics, and details on the instruments used. Gain insights from Core data you won't find anywhere else.
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Key Features of the EpicOncology™ Platform

Global Cancer Coverage

Our 2022 database update brings the total country count to 42. The study countries cover approximately 75% of the current global incidence for malignant cancers.

Not only does EpicOncology™ include over 55 cancer sites with 110+ subtypes/biomarkers…you can confirm all of the data yourself. Our data set is fully transparent. We include sources and use an open model. You won’t find data coverage this broad or deep anywhere else.

Cancer Forecasting and Insights via EpicOncology

User-Friendly Interface

Customers love the EpicOncology™ interface. Access epidemiology data, flow diagrams, clinical data, and support materials in just a few clicks. Works in all browsers and mobile devices. There’s even a Discussions tab to talk with the Epiphany team directly, whenever you want.

Support Options for Epic Data Application

All EpicOncology™ subscriptions come with support from our team’s epidemiology experts. We answer most inquiries within 24 hours.

What kind of support should you expect? EpicOncology™ customers can take advantage of monthly Web conferences with the Epic team, help with data analysis and implementation, help with benchmarking, on-site training for the EpicOncology™ platform, and more.

Globally Consistent Data

EpicOncology‘s data availability is consistent across all of Epiphany’s study countries.

Here’s an example. These screenshots from the EpicOncology™ platform illustrate maintenance radiochemotherapy for Stage IV gastric cancer in the U.S., Turkey, and Japan. Three different countries, with the same treatment data for the same measurement period (2010 to 2040 projected). Globally consistent cancer data.

Leverage the Insights in EpicOncology™ for Your Research Projects

It’s time to change how you see cancer. Start your EpicOncology™ subscription by contacting Epiphany today.