Change how you see cancer data, change the world. Detailed epidemiology data for the world’s leading cancer markets.

With the EpicOncology™ data platform, you have one of the world’s most trusted sources for global cancer epidemiology data. Built by a team of experts to empower your team’s efforts.


More than just data. See clearly into the future of cancer trends with hands-on service & expert support.


Globally consistent data sets from 25 countries, each with the same level of detail.


All models, approaches, inferences, and sources behind our data sets available for review.

The EpicOncology™ Platform

Your Insight Into Cancer Epidemiology

With the right data sets, you can do more than just respond to cancer’s spread. You can anticipate it. Get in front of it. Save thousands with new treatments.

Readily available, detailed epidemiology data. Available on-demand in formats you can incorporate into your own R&D. This is more than just a set of numbers. This is insight. This is power to make a change. This is Epic.

The EpicOncology™ Dataset

the most comprehensive cancer epidemiology source available
of all cancer types represented
of global cancer
subtypes/biomarkers from 55 cancer sites
countries with consistent analyses

Unmatched Accessibility

our insight IS your advantage

Ensuring your trust and understanding of our process and methodologies through complete transparency of data and our models.

The EpicOncology™ interface is under continuous development, with new data and functionality to respond to our customers’ needs.

Our philosophy is to work in partnership to help clients make better, faster, and more strategic decisions.  

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Let us show you how EpicOncology™ will change how you see cancer data.
PROVIDING Insight into Cancer Epidemiology

We Are Epiphany.

Field leaders in cancer epidemiology. Every member of our team has worked in cancer research & epidemiology for more than 20 years. EpicOncology™ is our core product.

As an “Epiphany Partner,” you have access to not only our epidemiology data. You can call on our expertise to expand Epic’s scope, year round. Adapt the data to your needs. Derive actionable intelligence for making a real difference in research, treatments, and breakthroughs.

Like our name states, we want you to gain insight from our collaboration. Make better, faster, more strategic decisions. Have an “Epiphany” on the future of cancer treatment.

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Client Testimonials

  • You are incredible!! Thank you so much for pulling the transitional cell analysis and assumptions (which makes sense) together … to do so over the weekend is an added surprise. This helps tremendously.

    P.T., Pharmacoepidemiologist
    Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company
  • I know I keep saying this, Shelley, but your interface is head and tails above the rest. It’s so easy to use!

    R.J., Associate Director, Global Forecasting
    Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company
  • Thanks a lot for your excellent insights and training today. It was good to see the vast data and potential of EpicOncology™.

    S.S., Director, Global Marketing
    Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company