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Field leaders in cancer epidemiology.

Epiphany Partners is a world-class epidemiology research and consulting group to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We build and consult on global epidemiology data sets for cancer and related diseases.


Between them, Epiphany’s professionals have:
0+ Years
of cancer epidemiology expertise (the original “Big Data” field). We've collected massive international data sets, analyzed the data, and provided clients the insight they need to galvanize their R&D.
0+ Years
of oncology market experience, across many functional areas (business analytics, marketing, market access, business development, product development, etc.).
0+ Years
collaborating with clients to provide detailed analytics, insights, and actionable intelligence.

Always at the forefront.

The world’s cancer environment changes continually, in light of breakthroughs, trends in data, and treatment development. We continually monitor the environment, in order to incorporate all of this information into our models and analyses.

Our History

From a Meeting at SRI International to Global Cancer Data Powerhouse

Epiphany’s founding partners met and worked together at SRI International in Menlo Park, California more than 25 years ago.  At the time, they first collaborated on the industry’s original cancer multi-client report, titled, “C3: International Opportunities in Cancer Management.” Peter served as product supervisor, Roger as one of the product designers, and both Roger and Monique devised the report’s cancer epidemiology section.

Over the years, the team continued to improve their patient flow models and detailed cancer and country coverage. First in DaVinci Healthcare Partners, a cancer consultancy focused on solving many of the most challenging problems with current cancer epidemiology data.  This in turn became the foundation for Epiphany Partners, evolving to make cancer epidemiology data more accessible and understandable to clients.

Today, Epiphany consults with Fortune 500 companies, multinational research firms, pharmaceutical giants, and biotech innovators. The EpicOncology™ platform sees thousands of queries every month.

The world benefits from EpicOncology™. To us, that’s not only an honor . . . it’s a responsibility.

Epiphany is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). We support ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation on an annual basis.

Epiphany's Key Personnel

We founded Epiphany with a simple mission: to change the way the world sees cancer data. Our team's passion, experience, and dedication has driven Epiphany to provide better cancer epidemiology data. To make the data easy to access and to understand. To make a difference.

Shelley Frederickson

Lead, Client Services

Monique Anderson

Lead, Clinical & Biomarker Teams

Roger Halualani

Lead, Epidemiology & Modeling Team

Brittany Britt

Lead, Business Development

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