Subscription Options

We quote EpicOncology™ subscriptions according to your R&D needs. Whether it’s a subscription for the full package—all cancers, all countries, all analyses—or a more limited data set, such as one country’s worth of data, or selected cancers.

Your goals determine the type and amount of data to which you subscribe. We determine pricing by listening to those goals, and calibrating your EpicOncology™ subscription to match.

How We Calibrate Your EpicOncology™ Subscription

We work together to weigh factors like:

  • Which countries are you interested in (e.g. G8, Western Europe, USA, Japan, China, etc.)?
  • Which cancers do you need?
  • Do you need any particular patient subtypes?
  • Are you a new or existing Epiphany customer?

What about EpicOncology‘s central modules? Which modules do you get access to with a partial subscription?

All of them! Even a partial subscription still gives you access to what you need from each of the EpicOncology™ Modules…either the entire module, or a relevant component to your data queries.

Here’s a breakdown of access for each module included with partial subscriptions:

  • Epic AnalysesYou can run Advanced Custom Queries for the country(s) / cancer(s) in your subscription.
  • Epic FlowAccess to all flow diagrams for the country(s) / cancer(s) in your subscription.
  • Epic CoreAccess to survey for the G7 country(s) / cancer(s) in your subscription.

Regardless of your subscription calibration, you will always have full access to information provided in our References section (e.g., analysis definitions, and disease-specific definitions for ALL cancers covered in EpicOncology™).

Let's go through an example.

Heavenly Genetics is a small, but growing biotech with one product launched in the USA market. This product helps doctors treat early-stage esophageal cancer and shows an excellent success rate.

They want to develop a new product, focused on the same type of treatment for early-stage squamous cell non-small cell lung cancer. They are still in research phase, and need epidemiology data to round out their development process.

In such a case, we would determine that their EpicOncology™ Subscription should include:

  1. A US-Only data set,
  2. Data for both esophageal and non-small cell lung cancers,
  3. Access to all histologies for esophageal cancer and limited to squamous cell for Non-Small Cell Lung (NSCLC)

Flexible Pricing to Meet Your Cancer Data Needs

You won’t find “subscription tiers” for EpicOncology™ that price the data you need just out of reach.

Every customer receives their own subscription, reflecting their needs. We’re happy to recommend certain data sets, but the final decision is yours.

Not sure how many data sets you’ll want? Test-drive the EpicOncology™ platform!