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Monique Anderson
Main: +1-650-242-4626

What I Do at Epiphany

I work closely with our head of epidemiology, Roger Halualani, in vetting ideas for the model used for our epidemiology service epic oncology™and in responding to client inquiries for additional information based on the data in epic oncology™. I also assess the utility of emerging biomarkers. And I try to keep up with the ever-evolving global differences in cancer incidence, biomarkers, treatment and other key issues. I also work to coordinate efforts in support of epic oncology™, e.g., regional treatment landscapes, model inputs, client support, QA/QC, custom work, etc., by various team members. I also focus on human development issues among Epiphany's staff.

Why I Founded Epiphany

The more we know about cancer, the more we don’t know, it seems; cancer impacts everyone at some point and remains a fascinating topic. I also appreciate the complementary experience and skills brought to Epiphany by my partners, Roger Halualani and Peter Davis. I have worked together with them, and most the other employees of our growing company, for many years now. We share a lot of values, which makes working together a pleasure, especially with regard to continually improving our service, providing a high level of client support, and remembering to enjoy life along the way. I feel very lucky to be a part of Epiphany.

Things I Do Besides Working

I go on adventures with my 4-year-old daughter, get together with friends, do experimental cooking, and listen to music (especially opera!). Some day I’d also like to read a book again!

What I Do to Relax

Take blanket, a pile of books and some snacks outside and have a “picnic” with my daughter.

My Top 5 Bucket List Items

Visit my international friends in their home towns, sail on a tall ship, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, see the northern lights, and snorkel in the Red Sea.

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