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Roger Halualani
Main: +1-650-242-4626

What I Do at Epiphany

Innovative epidemiology is my call sign at Epiphany. While being the primary modeler for epic oncology™, I am also the primary reviewer of new and updated data sources. I’m lucky in that I get to work with a great team who help identify limitations of my models and provide insight and new directions for the epidemiology to evolve.

Besides just the numbers, the major focus of my daily week is client service and support. I enjoy working with clients to better understand our numbers and their business. Whether I’m the primary contact person on an inquiry, I always like to hear about each inquiry to see what we can learn and how to improve what we do.

On the administrative side, I work with our Operations Manager (Connie) to deal with invoices, bills, and payroll. Luckily, much of the HR and daily operations is no longer on my desk!

Why I Chose Epiphany

I'm pretty sure that Epiphany chose me. Monique, Peter, and I brainstormed the concept of Epiphany in 2008 when we were co-presenters at the PBIRG meeting in Bethesda, MD. We then were lucky enough that Monique allowed us to co-opt her company name and Epiphany was born in 2009.

Clearly, the formation of Epiphany was structured around our core values and what we wanted to see regarding the company’s culture. A focus on the best epidemiology, understanding data source, finding better treatment data, and client service were all in our original planning documents. In addition, Epiphany’s altruism was clearly stated that a percent of our GROSS revenues would be donated to support both cancer research and the communities in which we live and work.

Epiphany is the culmination of the last 15 years of our work, incorporating much of what we learned from DaVinci, but improving on it and codifying it. The professionals at Epiphany are like a family and the cardinal rule for our employees is "Family First". This allows for a better Life:Work balance and is not just a "sound bite."

What I Did Before Epiphany

Before I started working in cancer epidemiology companies, both DaVinci and Epiphany, I was lucky enough to be in biotechnology. I worked at several companies focused on cancer, immunology, and dermatology and was able to contribute in marketing, market research, business development, product development, and sales reporting (whew, I'm not sure anyone today has to wear that many hats at one time...).

What Sets Epiphany Apart from Other Companies

Epiphany is a cancer-focused epidemiology research and consulting group that provides unparalleled cancer epidemiology. We are different because all we do is oncology. We are different in that we are a research group before a consulting group. Our epidemiology team is constantly challenging our own assumptions and methodologies to see if there are areas of improvement. Unlike other small companies, Epiphany understands the need to invest in cutting-edge technology with regards to our data interface. As such, we have partnered with Advanced Technical Support (ATS) in West Hartford, Connecticut, and will have invested close to $500,000 by the end of 2013 in our interface.

My Key Professional Skills

The two most important skills I bring to the table are an understanding of cancer epidemiology, coupled with a willingness to test the boundaries of the field; and a deep clinical understanding of oncology and how those issues relate to the epidemiology. Aside from epidemiology, other key skills include the strategic perspective and tactical vision to provide clients with direction and insights to their business challenges (wow, I need to include more jargon in that sentence, maybe I can include "paradigm" somewhere!).

Things I Do Besides Working

Let's see: work, work, work, sleep, work, work, work… Just kidding. I’m an avid reader (usually working on three or more books at any one time) and the best times are spent with family and friends. I always enjoy a good meal (hope that doesn't make me a "foodie") and definitely plan to see plays when in London or New York.

My Last Vacation

I was lucky enough in October 2012 to visit family in Hawaii with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece. It was great reconnecting with my father’s family on the Big Island and mother's family on Oahu. Every year, I also vacation with friends, most recently on Cape Cod (Brewster, MA). We've been doing these group trips since 1995 or so and have only missed one or two years. It's still craziness, just a different variety now that the kids almost outnumber the adults (well, it depends who you include as a "kid").

What I Do to Relax

Read a good book, go out to dinner with friends, or relax and vegetate in front of the television with a string of police dramas (my favorite is NUMB3RS, can’t go wrong with math and crime).

A Random Encounter

My favorite random encounter was back in the 1990s on a rainy day in London I went to the Tower of London. I stayed at the back of the tour group and found myself talking to a nice older woman who happened to be Reba McEntire's mother. Reba was there as well, but she was incognito. I enjoyed my Tower tour and was invited to the concert later that night.

What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery

I’d probably keep on working. Yes, I am that boring, but Epiphany encompasses my passion. They say to do what you love and love what you do. I’m one of the few lucky folks I know who can say that statement is 100% true for me.

The Best Places to Stay

Not going to tell you, otherwise I might not be able to get back in when I want to go there.

My Worst Habits

Procrastination: Yes, while I can be productive, sometimes I’m just lazy.  Writing in passive voice: Monique and WORD have been trying to break me of this habit for years (I'm still winning).
Not spell checking my work: Bad habit but I'm usually in such a rush to get words on the paper or the document to clients that I often forget this part (forgive my spelling on emails!).

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