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Epiphany Partners is a world-class epidemiology research and consulting group to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with a focus in cancer and related diseases.

Work with Epiphany for unrivaled research expertise, and results in the highest standard of cancer epidemiology data & services.

Epiphany’s professionals have more than 90 years of experience in the cancer marketplace and more than 30 years working in cancer epidemiology.

We are leaders in our field, and we use our expertise to help our clients make better, faster, and more strategic decisions.

What Sets Epiphany Apart?

Direct access to epidemiology professionals. Over 90 years collected expertise. Advanced methodologies of tracking 38+ types of cancer.

We monitor the changing cancer environment and incorporate those trends into our epidemiological models.

We anticipate patient breakout requests, and either have the subset data – or we’ve already started the process to incorporate those changes into our data set.

That’s what sets Epiphany Partners apart from other epidemiology research suppliers.

Epidemiology Model Solutions

Epiphany’s current epidemiology models are the culmination of models and forecasts built over the past 25 years: Genentech, SRI International, Matrix Pharmaceuticals, and DaVinci Healthcare Partners. Epiphany’s models incorporate novel approaches that best emulate the reality of cancer treatment and provide detailed breakouts.

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