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Peter Davis
Main: +1-650-242-4626

What I Do at Epiphany

My primary responsibility is M&S, including product pricing, contracts, overseeing sales effort, assisting VP of Sales & BD on proposals, etc. I'm also responsible for custom work (proposals, leading projects, budget control, etc.). I am the primary liaison with Advisors and IT partners. I also collaborate with Partners on product improvements, new company initiatives, business plan, personnel structure and dynamics, etc.

Why I Founded Epiphany

It provides a unique opportunity to work with people that I like; it gives me a sense of contributing to social health and welfare; and it takes maximum advantage of my professional background in working with and for the health care/pharmaceutical industry.

What I Did Before Epiphany

I have spent 50 years working within and consulting to the healthcare industry, primarily in the pharmaceutical sector. I was also one of three founders of DaVinci Healthcare Partners, a firm dedicated to consulting in the cancer space and a predecessor to Epiphany.

What Sets Epiphany Apart from Other Companies

Epiphany provides an exceptionally high-quality product coupled with unparalleled service to our clients.

My Key Professional Skills

Analysis, speculative imagination regarding new product concepts, future market evolution, scenarios construction.

Things I Do Besides Working

Pro bono work for an integrated health system (Essentia); participation in local Community Health Council; Board member of a local association dedicated to preserving water quality in our Northern Minnesota lakes; an elected Trustee of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota; Senior Warden and Liturgist for Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church of Ely, MN – and I love and take care of my wife, Pam, and our two GREAT Samoyeds, "Katie" and "Shasta".

My Last Vacation

So long ago I can’t remember it (takes a lot of time to build a company!).

What I Do to Relax

Exercise our dogs, read (all genres); poke around the stars (astronomy buff); canoe/explore/hike the BWCA and SHT.

A Random Encounter

My fondest memory of a chance encounter was standing next to the author Ray Bradbury at the urinal at DeAnza College before his lecture on imaginative fiction.

What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery

Ensure the welfare of Pam and the dogs. Explore new initiatives for Epiphany. Start a new consulting firm dedicated to the veterinary field. Assemble the whole family in one place for a holiday. Travel in space. Give the rest to charity.

The Best Places to Stay

The Goring Hotel in London. The St. Paul Hotel in St. Paul, MN (where else?!?).  Roger’s condo.  The bench at the end of my dock.

The Best Places to Eat/Drink

Monique's BBQs.  The bench at the end of my dock feeding biscuits to Katie and Shasta.  Yank Sing in San Francisco.

My Top 5 Bucket List Items

Explore Argentina.  See polar bears in their native habitat.  Travel in space.  Train Shasta for skijoring.  Take one last safari to Africa.

My Worst Habits

Control issues – I want everything done my way.  Willingness to say "Yes, of course, I’ll be glad to do that" to everyone!

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