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Ed Landels
Main: +1-650-242-4626

What I Do at Epiphany

My primary role is to support Epiphany’s multi-client service, epic oncology™. My responsibilities include generating and formatting content and providing quality assurance and control.

Why I Chose Epiphany

I appreciate both that Epiphany is a relatively small company and yet is able to provide cutting edge epidemiological data and especially analysis and forecasting. Given the company’s size and goals, Epiphany provides an excellent opportunity for personal growth and advancement. I also find the innovations within the field of cancer research to be an endless and rewarding source of interest.

What I Did Before Epiphany

Previously, I worked as a private consultant with most of the people who currently comprise Epiphany, primarily in a graphics and print/web production capacity.

My Key Professional Skills

My primary skills include research and analytic abilities, as well as graphical data representation and production quality control.

Things I Do Besides Working

Music, gardening, reading, and family activities.

My Last Vacation

Too short. I spent a week with my family on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

What I Do to Relax

Play the ukulele and read.

What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery

I would see that my daughter receives the best education she can, build the larger kitchen my wife dreams of, further indulge my 'ukulele acquisition syndrome,' and probably go back to school myself.

The Best Places to Eat/Drink

The Jazz Standard, Monday nights in NYC, listening to the Charles Mingus Big Band.

My Worst Habits

...are never divulging my worst habits.

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