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Derick Nguyen
Main: +1-650-242-4626

What I Do at Epiphany

I analyze our patient flow model to validate key inputs and identify the assumptions that are the key drivers for the different measures that we offer in epic oncology™. Our patient flow model is structured so that it provides unique insights into the special patient breakouts that our clients are interested in exploring. The triple negative breast cancer population, for example, is an area that has seen significant changes in the clinical setting. This is an area of high unmet needs, and it is fascinating to see how the drugs in development are making great strides in treating this disease.

I also spend some of my time reaching out to emerging biotech companies to introduce our products and services. epic oncology™ offers very unique patient flow model forecasting that fits well with the target population where many of these smaller biotech companies have just launched their products.

Why I Chose Epiphany

The work that we do at Epiphany is both challenging and fascinating. Particularly now that pharma companies are expanding their businesses in emerging markets where data collection is not readily available or lacking in many cases; we are incorporating our knowledge of the disease and cross-checking different sources to give us the best estimates for these emerging markets. Also, my commute to the new office in San Mateo is about five minutes!

What I Did Before Epiphany

I worked in market research and forecasting analytics for the past seven years both in-house and as an outside consultant. It’s been a great career development as I am able to leverage the different experiences.

What Sets Epiphany Apart from Other Companies

We are very transparent in our patient flow modeling process. If there is a significant difference in the numbers that we have generated, we will find out what may cause the variances. In doing so, we always look for ways to improve the modeling processes. When the numbers are updated, we make sure that everyone is notified and is aware of the new updates.

More importantly, we encourage our clients to ask questions and will repeat training to use ‘epic oncology’ as many times as necessary. These training sessions are valuable time that we spend with the clients to address their concerns and tackle different business issues. The personal approach is an integral part of our company culture.

My Key Professional Skills

Forecasting and marketing analytics. This is a broad set of skills but it simply comes down to conducting literature research and triangulating data.

Things I Do Besides Working

Finding the best deals online. I think that social media has changed significantly how purchasing products and services. I find it very interesting to read the reviews of what people post online. For laughs, I sometimes read the “odd news” section and read the comments from the readers. It can be hilarious.

My Last Vacation


What I Do to Relax

Go jogging for at least 30 minutes.

What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery

Buy a large mansion and throw a big party!

The Best Places to Eat/Drink

At home, if you have small children.

My Worst Habits

Stalking realtors and attending multiple open homes.

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