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Cynthia Wilcox
Main: +1-650-242-4626

What I Do at Epiphany

As Epiphany’s most recent hire, I conduct research for our product development and marketing efforts and disseminate the latest news to the team on such cancer-related subjects as scientific discovery, drug development, and current pharma industry news. I collect and compile epidemiology statistics for over 30 types of cancer, follow biomarker developments, monitor the cancer drug approval process, and collect benchmarking data by tracking clinical studies and the latest medical research. For our epic oncology™ service, I write content for CORE and input the data I’ve collected into our proprietary models. Along with the rest of the team, I also help build and test our primary research surveys that are sent to over 1,500 physicians worldwide, as well as analyze and validate the resulting data. I look for ways to add insights that will be helpful to my internal team and clients alike, based upon my ever-deepening knowledge of oncology.

Why I Chose Epiphany,
and What Sets Epiphany Apart from Other Companies

Epiphany’s greatest asset is its extraordinary team; it’s the perfect combination of meticulous analytics, forward vision, deep industry knowledge, and creative, flexible solution finding. We are a small, very cohesive group that works (and dines) well together. I felt that I would be a good fit, I would learn a lot, and my contributions would be appreciated here. Working towards treating and eradicating cancer feels like a noble cause and is personally rewarding to me, so I feel fortunate to be a part of the Epiphany team.

What I Did before Epiphany

My career after graduate school started on Wall Street, where I structured municipal bonds for public agencies. I had a quantitative background with strong research skills that led me to my next job of co-managing a $1.3 billion municipal bond portfolio for New England’s largest bank. Lured by the siren song of the tech boom in Silicon Valley, I moved west and became employee #7 for a tech startup. I was then able to "retire" and raise a family. Previous to earning my MBA, I conducted 7.5 years of market research for a boutique management consulting company in such fields as pharmaceuticals, biotech, and manufacturing. So my analytic skills in building spreadsheets and models, coupled with strong research and writing skills, serve me well here at Epiphany.

Things I Do Besides Working

I’m very active and outdoorsy. From heli-skiing glaciers in Canada to swimming from Alcatraz, I like extreme adventures. I am an active volunteer in the public schools and in my community. I am also an officer of a local not-for-profit organization that fosters intellectual interaction. My hobbies include collecting tin toy robots and unusual species of orchids.

My Last Vacation

My last adventure was an intensive 21-mile backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park, California. My son and I lugged around 36 pound packs for three days, ate a lot of odd freeze-dried food, and climbed to the top of Half Dome for some absolutely spectacular views.

What I Do to Relax

It’s hard for me to sit still, but I enjoy challenging crossword puzzles (NY Times are my favorites) and watching movies with a big tub of buttered popcorn by my side.

What I'd Do if I Won the Lottery

I enjoy teaching kids about science, so if I won the lottery, I would develop an inspiring program for the public schools to provide children with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in fascinating branches of science such as microbiology, physics, astronomy, genetics, botany, and chemistry. I’d also spend more time writing my book about the subject. Whether I win the lottery or not, I still hope to get my book published.

Also, it seems almost irresponsible not to do something far-fetched and extravagant after winning the lottery, so I’d like to head to NASA astronaut camp and then spend 10 days visiting the International Space Station to personally experience weightlessness and view Earth from 250 miles above.

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