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Today’s epidemiology sources are no longer good enough.

As new technologies and products advance cancer treatment, the regulatory process has resulted in more specific and niche indications. Gone are the days of “first-line chemotherapy in breast cancer” indication. Today’s approvals are more highly restricted and may include both prior therapy limits and timeframes (e.g., “patients must have failed at least two prior therapies, including specifically named agents, and have demonstrated disease progression on or within 60 days of completion of the last therapy”).

Epiphany delivers a new standard in cancer epidemiology, focused on utilizing novel methodologies to improve the patient flow modeling process and providing detailed cancer patient statistics by key subsets, such as histologies, stages, and biomarkers.

Epiphany’s epidemiology are used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients to solve complex challenges, including:

  • Evaluating market opportunities
  • Generating detailed patient and value forecasts
  • Making informed decisions about R&D and business development opportunities
  • Better understanding the global and regional markets for specific cancers
  • Top-line assessments and professional development/training

Epiphany delivers objective, trusted insights and advice to our clients across a broad range of departments and disciplines:

  • Marketing and brand teams
  • Market research
  • Business analytics
  • Global and emerging markets
  • Health economics and outcomes
  • Epidemiology

Additionally, cutting edge organizations are innovating through the increased use of analytics and incorporation of Epiphany’s data provide unparalleled insights as part of this “Big Data” trend.

Cancer affects everyone.

Epiphany’s founders strongly believe that the ultimate “beneficiary” of our research and advanced epidemiology is the cancer patient. Since cancer affects each of us, Epiphany hopes that our epidemiology data will assist in the development and availability of novel technologies and agents to improve treatments, patient outcomes, and overall quality of life.

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