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Epiphany is a world-class research and consulting group providing epidemiological and strategic support services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with a focus in cancer and related diseases.

Epiphany is a leader in cancer epidemiology.  We develop detailed estimates of cancer patients for 38 cancers and 90 patient subsets in 21 countries.  We provide advanced statistics well beyond just incidence and mortality.

Cancer epidemiology is the evaluation of populations to identify risk factors that may lead to a better understanding and how to prevent the development of cancer.

All of our efforts in this area are meant to help define the root causes and processes that lead to cancers. Epiphany continues to evolve our methodologies to help clients, researchers, and clinicians better understand cancer and future trends in this area. At the moment, Epiphany’s efforts are focused on providing our clients with detailed epidemiology to help them develop new anti-cancer agents.

The following are Epiphany’s key products and services:

  • Patient Flow Modeling and Forecasting
  • — Advanced epidemiological models incorporating innovative thinking and new techniques to generate higher quality patient numbers, including “best available” treatment data to identify treatable vs. treated populations. Epiphany also specializes in identifying and modeling emerging treatment trends.
  • Clinical Management and Treatment Trends
  • –Understanding the current and potential future clinical management protocols and processes for Epiphany’s study cancers across all major oncology markets: U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • Personalized Medicine and Biomarkers
  • — Providing clients with information, insight, and perspectives on new biomarkers and the move toward personalized medicine, integrating scenarios planning to help identify the possible future worlds of personalized medicine.
  • Market Analyses and Future Trends
  • — Global market experience to help monitor changes in health policy and care delivery along with strong analytical skills to provide situational analyses and future scenario planning.
  • Professional Development
  • — Providing leading programs in the areas of specific diseases, job-specific functions, and environmental factors. Epiphany is a regular sponsor and speaker at oncology educational programs organized by the Confera Group
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