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Custom Research
Need to conduct custom research? Epiphany is your resource, here to help you research and answer the questions that trouble you.

Customize Your Research Vectors

Beyond our cancer epidemiology service, Epiphany offers customized research strategies within these fields:
  • Patient Flow Modeling, Treatment Trends, and Forecasting
  • Personalized Medicine and Biomarkers
  • Market Analyses and Future Trends
  • Professional Development

The types of custom research in which Epiphany excels include:

  • Custom cancer epidemiology for niche cancers, subsets and/or countries
  • Thought leader research in oncology-focused areas (10 to 20 interviews)
  • Development of future scenarios in cancer treatment, commercialization, and market access
  • Analyses of regional and/or global treatment trends, both key and emerging markets
  • Review of biomarkers and personalized medicine in cancer, including reviews of companion diagnostics, diagnostic technologies, and regulatory/coding issues
  • Training presentations for professionals new to the cancer marketplace or learning about new cancer types

The following are types of projects that Epiphany does not usually conduct. But if you need help with them, we will provide recommendations for reliable vendors:

  • Large primary market research projects
  • Competitive intelligence and large conference intelligence
  • Focus panel research projects
  • Tracking studies and simulators
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