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This section provides several of Epiphany’s slide sets on topics our clients (and potential clients) express interest in. These PDFs are short versions of Epiphany’s training and development materials. Download them free by clicking on the insight titles.

Cancer & Cancer Epidemiology

What is Cancer?
A general overview about the cancer marketplace and the currently understood definition of cancer.

Cancer Epidemiology Primer
A brief review of cancer epidemiology terminology and definitions.

Cancer Epi Data Sources
It is critical for cancer epidemiology users to understand the strength and limitation of the available international data sources. This PDF provides an overview of the key publicly available datasets along with discussions on their coverage, limitations, and strengths.

Cancer Registry Overview
Much of our cancer epidemiology data is sourced from cancer registry systems. This PDF is a brief overview of cancer registration in the U.S. used to describe the registry system and provide insights into limitations of the registry data.

Intro to Cancer Biomarkers
The field of biomarkers in cancers has exploded over the past decade, and it’s important to understand this burgeoning field. This PDF provides a brief overview of the current biomarker field, including a discussion of prognostic vs. predictive, a list of clinical relevant biomarkers, and a discussion around utilization, limitations, and companion diagnostics.

Clinical Development

Understanding Cancer Clinical Trial Data
A review of the current common clinical endpoints utilized in clinical trials including limitations and interpretation issues.

Understanding Hazard Ratios 
The use of hazard ratios has been a major change in cancer clinical trial results. This PDF provides a background on hazard ratios and their use as an "endpoint".

Types of Cancer Clinical Trials
Cancer is a data driven marketplace. As such, it is important to understand the issues surrounding clinical trials. This PDF provides a brief overview of some of the clinical trial designs available for drug development.

U.S. Cancer Regulatory Approaches
FDA approval for cancer drugs can be “enhanced” through the use of different regulatory strategies. This PDF provides a description of the regulatory approval pathways used by many cancer drugs in development.

Cancer Drug Approval Timelines
Commercialization timing and approval rates are critical for new product planning. This PDF provides an overview of the estimated cost and time for development, as well as estimates of success rates by phase of development.

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